How is postmodyrn different from a “mommy blog”?

1 in 9 blogs are mom-blogs; moms on the internet are a hugely influential force.  Jaime has been a so-called mommy blogger since 2010 and we have given this question a lot of thought, particularly since our site design and use of social media are heavily influenced by the blogosphere.  The short answer is that most “mommy blogs” tend to be about one person’s experience or opinions.  postmodyrn is a curated collection of articles and editorials by all kinds of women with all kinds of postpartum experiences.  Our contributor network is national, and we try hard to accommodate all different philosophies on parenthood and childrearing.  Think of us more as an electronic magazine than a mommy blog. 

If you are interested in contributing to postmodyrn or have ideas for editorial content, feel free to reach out to us at


How often do you post new content?

We have no shortage of content and we publish new articles at least twice a week.  We aim to publish on Mondays and Wednesdays, but since both Jaime & Jill -- and all of our contributors -- juggle work, kids, and volunteer commitments that sometimes turns into Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Who are your models?

All models (“mom-dels”) on postmodyrn are volunteers with real-life babies between the ages of 0-6 months old.  We have been fortunate to find models through our personal networks as well as through local mothers’ groups such as Golden Gate Mothers’ Group in San Francisco.  We conduct photo shoots on (roughly) a monthly basis to cover planned content; shoots take a full half-day and include make-up and hair.  If you are a new mom and are interested in modeling for postmodyrn, please contact


My baby is older than 6 months.  Is there a space for me on postmodyrn?

We like to think that much of our content is relevant as long as you are a mom — a woman — looking for that balance between the various roles you play.  We do gear ourselves to women in the “4th Trimester” (0-6 months postpartum) as we feel this is a space where there is a lot of need and a dearth of resources.  However, in developing the site and talking to countless women at various stages of life, we have found that the notion of the 4th Trimester and the societal pressures on women who have recently had babies continue to strike a nerve and resonate long after the first baby birthday.  So please feel free to keep reading, or share us with friends.


How do you choose the “Brands We Love”?

As you will read on our Policies page, postmodyrn is pleased to develop meaningful relationships with brands and companies beneficial or relevant to the postpartum experience.  We make every effort to partner with brands who display like-minded values, from social & environmental responsibility to innovation to positive, pro-female philosophies.  Companies listed on the Brands We Love are generally those who have partnered with postmodyrn for a period of time, during which we have had a chance to align on messaging and goals.


I’d like to buy something I saw featured on your site.  Is there a platform to do this?

postmodyrn is in the process of establishing a shop feature which will operate through a third-party affiliate network.  For now, we will list retailers and/or brands wherever possible and we encourage you to search and shop!  If you have questions about a specific product, please feel free to email us at