Things That Got Us Musing...This Week

Jaime Tollas

The perfect “home from the hospital” tee

A working mother’s open letter

A chilling reality check for parents of daughters everywhere

These shoes…sigh

And these shoes…because, yeah

A 21-day clean living program (that doesn’t involve liquified kale every morning -- even though we love kale)

Moisturizer, SPF, and color-correction.  One product in the morning?  Yes, please.

Gorgeous, naturally-dyed Easter eggs. Can it be this easy?  Dare we try it?

Somewhere between winter comfort food and spring salads (and finally, an Ottolenghi recipe with fewer than 37 ingredients!)

Or, no cooking at all?

Reese’s pink lips - so fresh!

Happy Weekend, Mamas!  

Photo Credits: Blanqi // Cooking Light