Editors' Eye: True North

Jaime Tollas

It so happens that Jill and I share a birthday (so weird, right?) and in honor of the year we've had as partners on this blog we decided to celebrate with a True North summit the day after.  

It's a helluva learning experience, launching a project like this.  It starts as an idea, fueled by so much excitement.  The places we could go!  The topics we could cover!  The products we could launch!    

Then comes the all-too-practical work of actually putting pen to paper and creating something.  We spent the better part of 2014 crafting the site that's up and running today.  It was a process of so much trial and error, so many of the most minute tweaks, such an experiment in functionality...and we know that it is still an organic process that will continue to evolve.

After launching in November, we spent the first half of 2015 just ironing out the kinks of maintaining postmodyrn.  How long does a photo shoot take?  Is it easier to shoot in a home or a studio?  What happens when we shoot in a grocery store, a boutique, out-of-doors?  How do we support models who are also nursing and tending to their brand-new babies?  (As an aside, that's us in the picture looking a bit scrubby on a shoot in October at the office of Sprout San Francisco.)

And what about content management?  How much is enough to post?  How much is too little?  How much lead time do our contributors need?  Our graphic designers?  What do readers respond to?  What do readers repost and share (ahem, recipes)?  Along the way we've consulted with bloggers, SEO specialists, designers, friends, partners, PR gurus, and internet entrepreneurs.  We've absorbed more feedback than we could possibly implement.  We've had moments of feeling so overwhelmed by the potential of postmodyrn and the amount of work that it takes that we've looked at each other and said, "Can we even keep doing this?"  But then we look at the generosity and creativity of our contributors, the support of our readers, the amazing and inspiring women we have met in creating this space, and we know we love it. 

So we face the second half of 2015 with the questions of Where We Want to Go and How We Want to Get there.

These are big questions and we continue to parse through them as a team.  However, we can say this with certainty:

We want postmodyrn to be at the center of the 4th Trimester conversation, and we want to be a trusted curator of information for women during the vulnerable and exciting moment of transition to motherhood.  

To this end, our goal for the next six months is to step up our game in the 4th Trimester and mothers' communities: using social media and our own networks, we are actively engaging with bloggers, product developers, retailers, doctors, and specialists who share our goal of supporting new moms.  We are making better use of Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  We may be cutting back a bit on the number of articles we post in order to enhance the quality of the content -- and to spend more time bringing the wealth of resources out there to our postmodyrn community via social media.

Most of all, though, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.  What are YOU reading?  What are you passionate about right now?  What's necessary?  What's escapist?  What do you know, and what do you need to know?  What's overplayed?  What's missing?  We hope you will reach out to us, either in the Comments below or at info@postmodnow.com and share your thoughts.  Because we love our mamas, and we want to continue to create something that is meaningful for you.

Keeping the conversation going...

xo Jaime & Jill


Photo: Laura Kudritzki Photography