10 Thoughts on Grilling...This Week

Jaime Tollas

Last week my family and I kicked off summer with a trip to Tahoe.  We live in a high-rise in San Francisco where grilling is forbidden, so our Tahoe adventures literally center on the big grill out back.  Girlled burgers for lunch, grilled fish for dinner…grilled corn, grilled lettuce, grilled bread.  It’s heaven for my husband, and good eatin’ for the rest of us.  In that spirit, we dedicate this Editors’ Eye to the grill lover in your life.

1. Let’s start here:  If you haven’t yet picked out a Father’s Day gift for your griller-in-chief, get thee to the bookstore ASAP and procure Mastering the Grill.  I bought this for my husband on our 5th wedding anniversary, and eight years later it has literally traveled with us everywhere, every summer.  

2. Also, to really get the most out of grilling, round out your kitchen with a grill basket.  This handy-dandy item expands your grilling capabilities to include pesky smaller items that you might otherwise lose to the coals (see: Grilled Brussels Sprouts, below).

And now, a few recipes — some tried, some bookmarked — to get your grilling season off on the right foot.

3. Grilled Smoked Salmon Burgers (So much less intimidating than they sound, and soooo impressive!)

4. Grilled Pizza Three Ways (Yessss…

5. Grilled Corn Caprese Salad (Crowd-pleaser.  Every time.) 

6. Balsamic Grilled Raddichio Salad (We add high-quality canned tuna and some lightly toasted garbanzo beans for a high-protein lunch)

7. Grilled Chicken with Peach BBQ Sauce (Because stone fruits are everything this time of year) 

8. Grilled Serrano Salsa (Go ahead, elevate your tacos, mama!) 

9. Grilled Brussels Sprouts (A side so enticing, we made it twice in one week.)

10. The Juicy Loosey (Table your clean eating for a night and bring on the paper towels, ladies.  These are burgers for the ages.)

Happy Eating, Happy Father's Day, and Happy Summer to all of our mamas.

xo Jaime & Jill


Salmon burgers: photo by Yvonne Duivenvoorden for Clean Eating
Grilled brussels sprouts: photo from PBS.com
Grilled pizzas: photo from Every Day with Rachael Ray