Amanda Storey

Editorial Contributor, Y! Fashionate 
Makeup Artist, Benefit Cosmetics LVMH

Working as a freelance Make-up Artist and the Glambassador of Benefit cosmetics for over 13 years has given Amanda the 10,000 hours of practice it takes to truly know a craft.  Amanda's light-hearted, best-girlfriend approach evolves from her belief in everyone’s potential, and her enthusiasm for the transformative power of make-up and fashion.  Her blogs and videos boast a readership of over 50,000.  

Priding herself on being a "new girl every day", rarely replicating the same look, Amanda wakes up each morning inspired and full of ideas. Her whimsical wardrobe and vast make-up collection recall a time when playing dress-up and painting your face provided hours of entertainment, and inspire women to approach beauty and fashion with effervescence and joy.

Cecilia Escobar-O’Dell

Trainer & Founder, Mayan Fitness

Cecilia is a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), certified in TRX Suspension Training L1, and  trained in Functional Movement Exercises and Bulgarian Bags.

An avid runner, Cecilia found her passion for fitness almost 5 years ago as she trained for the Chicago Marathon.  She noticed that the running and cross-training were not only helping her lose the baby weight — but that the activity was also helping lift her postpartum “fog”. Fitness had changed her.

In 2013 Cecilia founded Mayan Fitness, specializing in outdoor fitness training and classes around North Beach in San Francisco. You may find her training at the Joe DiMaggio blacktop or Coit Tower steps.

Ellie Griffinger, CNM

Certified Nurse-Midwife

As a private practice midwife at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Ellie works in partnership with her clients to create individualized birth experiences where women feel supported, empowered, and in charge of their health care. Ellie has always known that she would be an advocate for women’s health, and  during her post-baccalaureate premedical program began seeking ways to blend medical work with fostering meaningful connections.  As a midwife, instead of solely making the best medical decisions on behalf of clients, Ellie empowers them to make their own decisions by providing complete access to information.  Together with her clients, Ellie fulfills her passion by creating birth experiences that support the transition to parenthood.

Jessica Ahnert Davis

Founder, Nest Studio

Jess is a full-time interior and product designer, as well as mother two young children.

Jess earned her BA in Art History at Princeton, and received her MA in Interior Design from The New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University, with a stint in-between as a producer on Bob Vila's "Home Again".  After 8 years designing high-end hospitality projects with Wilson Associates, in 2012 Jessica launched Nest Studio, focusing on her hardware line and unique residential and commercial projects in New York and New Jersey.

Jess grew up in Hong Kong and Dallas and has lived in New Jersey, Boston, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles. Her inspirations are many: if something creates drama, adds texture, feels local, provides quiet sophistication, and occasionally sparkles, it will likely be dear to her heart.


Laura Kudritzki


Laura is a full-time, dedicated working mom and the owner of Laura Kudritzki Photography in San Francisco’s SOMA district.  

Laura traces her artistic beginnings back to her father’s enthusiasm for photography, a passion she has built on with a background in commercial, beauty, and portrait photography.  Striking a unique balance between art and commercial applications, Laura’s images of people and style capture the underlining perception of light, color, forms and texture to achieve realism with a creative bent.

Laura's many clients include ad agencies, magazines, and non-profit organizations with whom she travels internationally.  Laura, her husband, and her three children reside in Northern California in the rustic surfing town of Bolinas, USA.


Leda Eizenberg


Leda has worked as a counselor, book publicist, freelance writer, and teacher.  She spends her days momming her 4-year-old son and her 21-month-old daughter, and her evenings reading and blogging and hanging out with her husband and occasionally hosting lady wine night.  To her surprise, she lives in the Boston suburbs of her youth, where she has found a wonderful community of fellow parents and one kick-ass book club. 

Leda holds a BA in Literature and Creative Writing from Dartmouth College, an MAT in Secondary English from Simmons College, and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from The New School.  She also has been an under-the-covers-with-a-flashlight reader since she was six years old.  Now she uses a Kindle, but she still gets lots of reading done while the rest of her family is asleep (often after one of them has woken her up.)

Martine Larson

Chef, Nutrition Consultant

The author of the monthly feature postmodyrn Eats!, Martine’s interest in cooking and nutrition was inspired by her first pregnancy.  Motivated by the notion that every bite she took was going to affect her baby’s development, tastes, and eating habits for life, Martine became a student of nutrition, cultivating an appreciation for food as a tool to heal her body after childbirth, rebalance her overall health, and set her children on a healthy path.  By her second pregnancy, Martine had graduated top of her class from culinary school and — now in her 4th Trimester — is pursuing her certification as a nutrition consultant.

Phyllis Timoll

Certified Holistic Health Coach, AADP 
Founder, Well Woman 

Phyllis is a Holistic Health Coach and loving mother to her daughter, Elise, and dog, Reed. After managing her own difficulties transitioning into motherhood, she founded Well Woman, which offers individual health and nutritional counseling, workshops on the relationship between personal nutrition and motherhood, and events designed specifically for moms to enhance their individuality while having fun. 

Phyllis’ mission is to use holistic techniques to restore and improve health, confidence, self-value, self-image, and overall ability to successfully manage motherhood, relationships, and personal time. She focuses primarily on achieving balance through dietary and lifestyle changes. 

Phyllis received her Health Coach training at Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She is a former leader for Weight Watchers, and has over 20 years of research in nutrition and over 10 years experience in the healthcare industry. Her many interests include spinning, hunting, yoga, Ravens football, and skiing.

Visiting Contributors

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